Convex mirror presentation 100 degrees, M64.

This circular convex mirror allows viewing up to 100 degrees. The reflective part of the convex mirror is made of acrylic. The back of the mirror is closed by a moulded beige plastic frame. It can be installed on a wall, ceiling, column, fence, post, etc. Once installed, the mirror can be easily oriented using its adjustable arm and central pivot for optimal adjustment of the viewing angle.

This model is available in several sizes; 12,” 18″, 26″, 30″ and 36″. The nominal dimensions of the circular convex mirrors correspond to the diameter of the mirror. Due to the curvature (convex) a slight distortion of objects is observed with this type of product. Therefore, in practice it is preferable to choose a slightly larger mirror to compensate for the effect of distortion.

The mirror consists of a plastic ball joint in the centre, a metal L-shaped support and a metal arm. The metal arm has holes every 1 ½” (4 cm) to adjust the final length during installation. The metal parts are painted black (the 12″ mirror does not include the metal arm; it only includes the L-bracket).

Where to install this mirror.

This mirror eliminates blind spots for better safety in establishments, parking lots, garages, warehouses, etc. It allows you to monitor a room, a corridor, an ally or an entrance to avoid accidents, shoplifting, etc.

Indoor or outdoor mirror?

Although the design of this mirror is sturdy in appearance with its moulded plastic backsplash, it is preferable to install it indoors or in a location that is well protected from the elements. There is no guarantee against weather hazards, vandalism or any other damage that could occur if the mirror is installed outdoors. During periods of high winds, it is not uncommon to have to readjust the positioning of the mirror.


This first surface mirror has a reflective coating that is not glass. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the mirror with furniture polish to protect this coating.

Do not use glass cleaners as they may damage the reflective coating.

Other models available:

Full convex dome mirror, 360-degree view, M86.

Half-dome convex mirror, 180-degree view, M88.

Quarter-dome convex mirror, 90-degree view, M89.

If you would like more information on convex mirrors, please contact Sylprotec Inc. You can visit and see the mirrors at their store in Saint-Leonard or buy them online on their website. You will find personal protective equipment as well as fire protection, emergency lighting and more.

Sylvain Patrice f.p.t

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